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Is Spot in need of a new hair do', then stop on by or call to schedule an appointment at any one of our Dirty Dawgz locations! Your dog will be leaving with a new do' that will be sure to impress any dog owner!

Every dog regardless of breed or size needs a little pampering at the spa, and what a great way to do that by letting our award winning pet stylists help you with that.

Jessica Bannister, pet stylist and groomer at Dirty Dawgz, has been grooming for about 10 years now, and has entered multiple grooming competitions, coming out with awards showing off her special skill. Hand Stripping and Hand Scissoring, Jessica can tackle any dog breed whether its for show trimming or just for that special breed cut.

Understanding that every dog is unique and special, we work around your dog insuring he leaves happy and looking great! Grooming is a very important part of every dogs life, and can help prevent problems such as mats, too much shedding as well as help you identify and find any problems that may have gone unnoticed beneath all that fur.

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